ENGLISH LANGUAGE- how to structure the exam

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Step 1: Go into your exam and write your name, candidate number and centre number in the boxes at the top of the paper, make sure to sign it as well! Read the instructions on the front of the paper, check you have everything you need, take a sip of water maybe and relax. (Obvious bit SORTED).

Step 2: When the exam starts, read through the questions on the exam paper first.Highlight the keywords in each question and make sure you understand them. At question 6, write down the immediate ideas that come into your head when you read the question in bullet point form, this helps to make sure you have ideas fresh in your mind and they aren't influenced by the inserts you're about to read. Examiners like originality. Don't take too long on this, 2-3 minutes is all that is needed.

Step 3: Read the inserts. Now you know the questions that go with them, you know what you need to look out for! Take 12…



Thank you! Gonna try my best to plan my answer, it's something I don't really do :3



you're welcome! yeah I was the same but in my mock exam I did and I got good results so must be something working:)

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