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English Language gcse-READING  Spend roughly 12 minutes per each question.

LOCATING AND RETRIEVING INFORMATION  e.g write down the features of the house of the future(10marks)

Write your answers in chronilogical order

Try and find ten points when asked to retrieve information

do not expalin your quotes in detail just briefly(you will not gain marks)

Read the question carefully and only include relevant information

Make a point them use a quote to support this

Impressions e.g What impression do you get of Alnwick Castle?(10marks)

Read through a text while thinking about the impression you are given of a person, place, organisation or event.

Firstly read the question and highlight keywords.

Write your answer chronilogically to ensure you don't miss out any key points.

Use short quotations then make it clear what impression the word of phase creates

If there are pictures you may want to consider the impressions the picture creates.                  

Continually use the word "Impression" to ensure the examiners know you


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