English - Film Reviews

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Planning a film review:

  • Identify the genre
  • Identify the purpose
  • Identify the audience
  • Identify the style

Common purposes of film reviews:

  • To inform: Needs to tell people who is in the film, who it is by and where or when readers can see it. 
  • To describe: Describe the story and characters without giving away the whole plot. 
  • To analyse: Give an opinion on whether the film is good or bad (and why)
  • To advise: Tell the reader whether or not to go and see the film

Structuring Film Reviews

  • Introduction: Gives an overview of who is in the film and what it is about. Sums up the reviewers conclusion about the film. 
  • Paragraph 2: Describes the plot, informing the reader about which actor plays the role. 
  • Paragraph 3: Analyses the film, talking about the director and the actor and good and bad things about it 
  • Finally: Informs the reader when the film is out 

Task 1: Audience and Style 

The simplest way of identifying the audience for a review is to choose a publication you want to write for. Who is the target audience? What vocabulary does the magazine use?

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