English - Commissioned Writing

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Responding to a set brief

Must know the genre, audience, style and purpose. 

What must be considered:

  • What newspaper are you writing for? Will the readers be interested in your story?
  • Which part of the paper are you writing for? How long does the article need to be?
  • What are the newspaper's readers like

This information helps to work out a style and word count

Commissioned writing must stick to the brief

Types of newspaper articles:

  • News articles: found at the front of the newspaper, inform readers about things happening in the world or in their local area. 
  • Feature articles: explore news stories in more depth, may be triggered by a story that has been in the news for a while. 
  • Editorials, columns and opinion pieces: pieces by 'personality' writers. Might be there to inform, might…


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