English - Animal Farm

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Animal Farm Basic Theme

The theme of Animal Farm is not difficult to understand.  Orwell intended to criticize the communist regime he saw sweeping through Russia and spreading to Europe and even the United States.  Though he agreed with many Marxist principles, Orwell was unable to accept the communist interpretation of socialism because he saw many similarities between the communist governments and the previous czarist regimes in old Russia.  Communism, he thought, was inherently hypocritical.

In his self-proclaimed "fairy-story," Orwell uses his allegorical farm to symbolize the communist system.  Though the original intention of overthrowing Mr. Jones


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Ethan Landin


this is really not what Orwell meant Animal Farm to be about... He wasn't criticising communism, he was criticising the way that it was implemented and managed in one specific example: the Soviet Union. I suggest that when writing revision texts that students are going to read you keep your opinions to yourself ("Thanks in part to Animal Farm, much of the Western world finally realized the danger of communism.)" and research your facts.

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