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My name is Sabah and the topic I have chosen to talk about is how men and women are portrayed through the media.

Women are portrayed through the media as to be seen as skinny, tall and beautiful.  This causes women to feel insecure and it brings down the spirits and morale of those women who do not have the same image.

Men are portrayed through the media to be seen as smart, masculine and strong. They shouldn’t wear makeup or have a feminine touch to their look whereas females should look presentable by wearing makeup. Should men and women in the media not showcase their natural selves?

Jeffree Star is a well-known icon to the world. He is a singer/songwriter, makeup artist and a youtuber. He is a man who doesn’t fit in with the medias image because he wears make-up. When he first started to wear makeup then there were lots of outrages and he was criticized for it. But despite how the media portrayed him and what people thought of him he carried on doing what he loved and has now got over 1 million views on his YouTube videos. He has announced his own makeup line called ‘Jeffree Star cosmetics’ and everything is selling rapidly.

Emma Watson is a well-known actor who is currently the United Nations Women Goodwill ambassador. She is very passionate that everyone should be treated equally and men and women should not be discriminated. She is a member of the heforshe campaign. HeForShe is a solidarity campaign for the advancement of women initiated by UN Women. Its goal is to engage men and boys as agents of change by encouraging them to take action against negative inequalities faced by women and girls.

Kylie Jenner is another


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