English Language- Language Change

Milroy and Milroy(standardisation)

1. Selection- Language selected- variety selected is usually a prestigiuos one.

2. Codification- Reduction of internal variability, establishment of norms of lexis, grammatical structures and spelling.

3. Elaboration- The selected language is developed for a variety of purposes. This may involve expansion of linguistic resources. 

4. Implementation- The standard lamguage must be given currency by making texts available in it, encouraging users to develop pride and loyalty. 

Jean Aitchinson 

Damp soon syndrome- Suggests that language change is caused by sloppiness or laziness e.g. the kind of sloppiness you get with a damp spoon being left in the suagr bowl. The idea thst change is due to laziness has been around for a long time, however it is difficult to find evidence for this view. The glottal stop at the end words such as 'street' is often seen as an example of laziness, but the substitution of a 't' for glottal stop is not lazy and not random- it is impossible to replace 't' at the beginning of a word with a glottal.

Crumbling Castle- This view sees the English Language as a beautiful old building which needs to be preserved. The English language has been gradually and…


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