Eng Lang AS revision notes

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Language in Gender:

Women: Hedge Supportive (BCB) Tag Questions Avoid Taboo lexis Speak less Super Politeness Apologise more Use direct quotation More intensifiers Empty Adjectives (lovely, divine)

Language for Age:

Convergence- happens when an individual adjusts his speech patterns to match people of a differebt group or social identity.

Divergence- when an individual adjusts his speech patterns to be distinct from those of people belonging to another group.

Status Language and Occupation/Status -

- Link to subject specific lexis/ jargon as a way of getting the upper hand

- Recommendations to keep the upper hand

- Nominalisation shows a supportive role as you're forming a noun from the other persons verb

- Passive voice shows insecurity as it is less forceful with the language

- Using key terms you're good at that

General  Register - a form of language appropriate to a particular situation or context, including its mode, tenor and function

Formality - the way people adjust the tone of their language to suit the situation they are in

Deixis - a term for words or expressions that rely on context to give them meaning

Neologism - making up words/blending words together e.g bounce-back-ability Intensifier - emphasising the meaning of a word (best, most)

Lexical Verb - verb used to give the sentence meaning (walking, raining)

Cataphoric - word used to create anticipation, almost deixical (a day TO remember)

Determiner - defines how many of an object (some, many, a few, loads, a/n)

Graphology - visual marks on a page - layout, doodles/diagrams

Exophoric - A word which refers to context - there, that (demonstrative too)

Bilabial Plosive - consonant which forces your lips shut (puh, buh)

Disyllabic - any word with 2 syllables (window, custard)

Blend Words - any 2 words amalgamated together Agent - the thing which is


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