Energy from Food

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Food can be burnt to see how much energy it contains

The posh name for this is calorimetry

First you Need a Dry Food, Water and a Flame

  • You need a food that'll burn easily- something that's dry e.g. peanuts or pasta will work best
  • Weigh a small amount of food and then skewer it on a mounted needle
  • Next add 25cm 3 of water to a boiling tube (held with a clapm)- this will be used to measure the amount of heat energy that's released when the food is burnt
  • Measure the temperature of the water, then set fire to the food using a bunsen burner flame. Make sure the Bunsen isn't near the water or your results might be a bit wonky
  • Immediately hold the burning food under the boiling tube until it goes…


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