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Potential energy is stored energy.

Elastic,gravitational, electrical, chemical, nuclear are potential energy.

Heat, light, thermal and sound enery cannot be stored.

When you release stored energy, it is connected to another form of energy. When it is released, the energy disperses and makes the air particles vibrate (kinetic energy) which can become other forms of energy such as heat.

Law of conservation of energy:

Energy cannot be created or be destroyed, only transformed from one form to another.

Units of measurement:

weight - kg -kilogram

energy - J - joule

length - m - metre

speed - m/s - metre/second

force - N - newtons

time - s - seconds

power - w - watt

The Efficency of Energy

There is always some wasteful energy when energy is transferred.


This can be shown in a Sankey Diagram:(

The Energy Crisis:

-Earth has limited food and fuel

-Oil and natural gass will be the first to go

-Nuclear energy is ver dangerous and stations last for only 30 years

Renewable Sources of


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