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Energy can no be created or destroyed just changed into another form.

Enthalpy change = enthalpy of products - enthalpy of reactants 

Energy diagrams

Exothermic reaction - heat is lost to the surroundings so the energy of the reaction is lower. Enthalpy change is negative

Endothermic reaction - heat is taken in so the energy of the reaction is higher. Enthalpy change is positive

Standard conditions for enthalpy -  298 K (25 degrees Centigrade), 1 atmosphere pressure (101 kPa). 

Enthalpy change of formation - when a substance is formed

Enthalpy change of combustion - when a substance is burned

Enthalpy experiment

  • taking the temperature for 3 minutes before adding the solid allows for any fluctuations and so the temperature of the acid stabilises
  • main…


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