End of Life

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"Death is the end"


  • christians believe we go to heaven or hell
  • hindus belive we are reincarnated
  • if god exists, he wouldn't let death be the end, omnibenevolent


  • No evidence
  • The concept of the afterlife is flawed
  • Too many conflicting ideas

"The afterlife exists"


  • reassurance that the purpose of life is to get to Heaven
  • hope
  • second chance
  • biblical authority
  • god wouldn't let it be the end
  • upbringing
  • hope for those who have died
  • ghosts/spiritual experience
  • no proof against


  • no evidence
  • impossible/illogical concept
  • too many conflicting ideas
  • no spiritual experience=no afterlife

The Soul


  • essential self
  • identity/mind/personhood
  • god ensouled us ('breath of life' into Adam-Genesis 2:7)
  • Animals don't have souls

Substance Dualism:

  • immortality of the soul
  • independent to body
  • soul wants to do good and be with god
  • body wants to do bad and do physical pleasures
  1. Argument from Mental States (we have mental states like thoughts and ideas which cannot be detected or examined by scientists, we are two substances, physical body and non-physical mental states)
  2. Argument from Free Will (Physical objects don't have free will but we are capable of making our own decisions so we must be more than just flesh and blood)
  3. Argument from Imagination (I can imagine myself existing without a body or without this body so I cannot be the same as my body)


  • soul isn't immortal or immaterial
  • soul is the body's function
  • soul is to do good and worship god
  • knife has a soul-to cut
  1. Argument from Interaction (is the soul is non-physical and the body is physical, how can they interact)
  2. Argument from Simplicity (Ockham's razor, we always favour the simplest idea)
  3. Argument from Science (Substance Dualism cannot be proven or disproven by Science)

Who is going to Heaven?

  • The Perfectly go to Heaven
  • Repentant sinners are cleansed in Purgatory
  • Unrepentant sinners go to Hell (punishment by ddistance  from God and eternal burning by fire)
  1. Some Christians believe you will go to Heaven or Hell depending on…


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