end of year 10 graphics exam


  • the art of lettering
  • used to create effect, meaning, impact
  • so customers will recognise and buy a product


  • design for a set of characters
  • a specific typeface of a certain size and style

parts of letters

  • capital letters
  • small letters
  • letters are made up of diffferent parts
  • stem, serifs, bar, curve, continuous curve


  • strokes which finish off the end of the stems
  • sans serifs are letters without extra strokes on the ends
  • different styles of serif fonts
  • full bracketed, hairline, slab, slab bracketed

packaging materials

paper and board packaging

  • made from wood pulp and waste paper
  • board made to thicker and heavier specification than paper
  • paper used mainly for paper bags and labels
  • corrugated cardboard- formed from layers of paper which can be made into boxes, wavy layer is called fluting, designed to absorb any impact during transportation
  • folding boxboard- single or multi ply, coated or uncoated, good folding properties, stiff, good scoring ability
  • spiral bound tubes- made from long lengths of cardboad, laminated into a tube, used for toilet/kitchen rolls, for transportation and packaging of goods
  • paper and board can be used together with layers of thin aluminium foil or plastic to form a lamination, commonly used for ready made meals or take away meals
  • foil retains heat, keeping food warm
  • also used in drink cartons, yoghurt pot lids, crisp packets and confectionary
  • tetra pak is a brand name for a carton that preserves and packages drinks

advantages of paper and board

  • materials are light weight
  • easy to handle and store
  • easy to fold and crease
  • when laminated with foil or plastic a seal can be created to prevent evaporation and to preserve the product
  • colour printing can be produced to a high quality
  • environmentally friendly
  • can be recycled

plastic packaging

  • polyvinyl chloride (PVC)- used for bottles which contain shampoo and juice, blister packs for DIY products
  • high density polystyrene (HDPE)- used for…


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