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Pyroclastic flow- big torrents of ash lava and gasesConvection currents- subduction- the downard movement of the less dense oceanic plate going below the coninental plateConvection currents make the plates on the crust move. depending on the plate boundary they can cause fold mountains, subduction, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions due to pressure.oceanic crust- least densecontinental- most denseDestructive plate-conservative plate-constructive plate-collision plate-fold mountains are formed when convection currents move the two plates towards eachother but nothign happens so they keep trying to collide. the pressure then makes the plates start to fold which eventually creates fold mountains. an example of fold mountains is the andes.Ocean trenches are formed by subduction(see above) the dip in the ocean is the ocean trench.A cause of a volcano erupting is plate movement when the magma in the magma chamber is forced upwards through the top. above the surface magma is known as lava.the effects can be positve like nutritional benefits for crops but can also be negative like the gases realeased can kill you. the responses could


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