Emerging and Minor Political parties and Consensus v. adversary


Emerging and Minor political Parties

  • Minor political parties are on the rise, 2010 coalition meant that major had to work with minor 
  • However, more recentely two party system has returned, 2015 conservative landslide meaning lib dems effectively redundant 
  • The rise of the SNP a clear indicator of multiparty system, winining 56 seats in 2015
  • However again more recently they have gone into decline, in 2017 they lost 21 of their seats
  • Rise of UKIP also means third parties on the rise, in 2015 won 12.6% of the popular vote 
  • However only converted into 1 seat, and in 2017 they lost that seat, back into the two party system of Labour and Conservative 
  • 2017


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