Elizabeth's final years

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Elizabeth's reign reached its peak in 1588, with the glorious defeat of the Spanish Armada. However, after this, many historians argue it began to deteoraite with failed naval missions, Essex's escapades and Elizabeths old age.


The Succession

Elizabeth had never married, and therefore, never provided in an heir. This angered the House of Commons, as she had forbidden them from talking about it. 

Bishop Rudd delivered a sermon 1596 which urged the Queen to name her successor; he was confined. Peter Wentworth was detained in the Tower until death, due to talking about the succession. A book , 'The Conference about the next succession to the Crown of England', encouraged peope to depose of Elizabeth and start a Catholic uprising, as well as undermining many political claimants to the throne, including James VI.

Elizabeth and her advisors age

Elizabeth turned 57 in 1590, and by this time, the avergae age of her Privy Council was 60. They were dying off at alarming rate; Leicester in 1588, Walshingham in


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