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Elizabeth comes to the throne - 1558.

- Legitimate heir, Third Act of Succession 1544.


Unity and stabilty.

A broad church that all would accept. 

Early problems in her reign - 

Addresses them, 

1. continues to restore the coinage.

2. Poor laws 1563

3. succession - she forbids Parliament to discuss her marriage. She shows a political grasp by not marrying Dudley. 

4. Religion is the most pressing problem. 

Creating her church

* Bishops had to resign as a group, she needed the best theologians that would accept a church based on the Second Edwardian Prayer Book.

* She had to calculate the risk of invasion from foreign powers. Scotland would follow France, France was busy with Cateau Cambresis, and Spain would not want to make England vulnerable because fear of endangering the Hapsburg circle. 

Main priority: independence from Rome, royal supremacy. 

EASTER 1559 - 

She includes her Prayer book in the Act of Supremacy - this shows Cecil anticipated opposition to it in the Act of Uniformity. 

- House of Commons passed it after a stormy

- House of Lords only passed it after it went to a committee that was conservative based. - they wrecked…


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