Elizabeth's Issues - Mary, Queen of Scots


History Revision Notes – GCSE

The Elizabethan Era


Issues Elizabeth Faced During Her Reign - Mary, Queen of Scots


Elizabeth often faced criticism from members of the public and Parliament because of her methods of ruling, her gender and family history and how she viewed certain parts of royal life, most notably marriage and creating a hereditary heir.

One of the biggest threats to the crown that Elizabeth faced was Mary, Queen of Scots, who was her cousin. Elizabeth was not naive to the threat that was shown through Mary, and treated her with, initially, a steady but cautious greeting and eventually with great suspicion. This can be seen through Mary’s life, particularly near the end of her reign and past her abdication.


When Mary was just six days old, she was crowned the Queen of Scotland, and was given the corresponding responsibilities, which weighed on her during her childhood and carried with her through her life.

When Mary was 16 years old, she married the young Frances II of France, who was just 15 at the time of the marriage. The couple ruled together for a mere two years before Frances died, in 1560, of a severe ear…


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