Elizabeth 1 1533-1603

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Elizabeth 1 Timeline - (1533-1603)

1533 - Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII had a baby girl, Elizabeth

1536 - Anne Boleyn is beheaded for whitch craft, incest and treason

1337 -Edward VI is born

1547- Henry dies and 10 year old Edward becomes king.

1553-King Edward dies and Elizabeth's half sister, Mary 1 becomes Queen

1554-Elizabeth is imprisoned in the Tower of London for likely involvement in              Wyatt's rebellion

1558-Mary dies of stomach cancer and Elizabeth becomes Queen of England

1559- January: Elizabeth is coronated in West Minister Abbey

         -Act of Uniformity established (made moderate protestant reforms)

         -Act of Supremacy established (gave Elizabeth control over the church)

1562-Elizabeth falls ill of Small pox at Hampton Court Palace

1564-William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe (famous writers) are born





says Edward was born in 1337



this is helpfull

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