Elizabeth 1 1533-1603

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Elizabeth 1 Timeline - (1533-1603)

Elizabeth 1was taught be Roger Ascham and is a accomplished linguist, poet, historian, horsewomwn, musician, dancer, and had skills for needle work by the age of 14. Elizabeth was potestant like Henry VIII and she never married.

Edward VI was also Protestant and Elizabeth's younger half brother.

Mary 1 was Elizabeth's half sisiter and was extreme Catholic.

Mary Queen of Scots is also Catholic and was the cousin of Elizabeth, She was raised in France while her mum reighned on her behlf in Scotland.When mary returned Scotland had already undergone reformation so were Protestant. They didn't want a Catholic Qeen so made her abdicate and leave Scotland.

1533 - Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII had a baby girl, Elizabeth

1536 - Anne Boleyn is beheaded for whitch craft, incest and treason

1337 -Edward VI is born

1547- Henry dies and 10 year old Edward




says Edward was born in 1337



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