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Each cell has shells but can have more.

The first shell can only hold two electrons.

The second and third can hold up to eight electrons. 

Noble Gases

Noble gases have a full outer shells which makes them unreactive.

The elements in Group 1 have one electron in their outer shell. Group 2 have two electrons and so on. The chemical properties of elements depend on their electronic structure so elements in the same group have similar chemical properties.


-They are very unreactive

-They have full outer shells

-They are in Group 0

-The boiling point is larger if the period number is larger

-They are found as atoms

-The forces between molecules get stronger as the molecule gets larger

-Light bulbs are filled with aragos as it is unreactive 

-Helium is used in airships

Alkali Metals 

Li - Lithium

Na - Sodium

K - Potassium

Rb - Rubithium

Cs - Caesium

Fr - Francium

Alkali metals have to be stored in oil because they are so reactive. They get more reactive as you go down the group. 

With water, they violently pop and begin to fizz. 

They can be cut with a knife, and though the outer appearance is dull grey, they are shiny on the inside - the inside hasn't reacted with the air.


water +


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