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5 facts about electroplating...

1- electroyolisis is used to elecroplate objects.

2- it is useful for coating a chaper metal with a more expensive one. e.g.copper,silver.

3- the negetive electrode should be the object that is elctroplated. (cheap)

4- the positive elctrode shoudl be the metal that you want to coat the metal with. (expensive)

5- the electroylte should be a soulotion of the coating metal, such as its metal nitrate or sulphate.

3 factsabout elctroplatng witth silver...

1-the object to be plated such as metal for a spoon is connected to the negetive terminal of the power supply. 

2- the silver is connected to the posititve terminnal.

3- the electroylte is silver nitrate souloution.

4 facts about elctroplating with copper...

1- object to be plated is connected to the negetive terminal of the power supply.

2- the copper is connceted to the positive.

3- the elctryle is a copper sulphate soloution.

4- the arrangment can also be used to purify copper during copper mananfacture.

8 facts about allimnuim extraction...

1-most abundant metal on earth.

2- aliimum is expensive due to the amount of electricy needed in the extraction porcess.

3- aluminum ore is call bauxite.

4- bauxite is purified to yield a white powder called alumium oxide, from whcih alumium can be extracted.

5- extraction done by electrolyosis but fist alumion oxide must


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