Electronegativity, polarity and intermolecular forces

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Polarisation of the bond in covalent molecules:

  • The sign delta + and delta - show that the electrons are not evenly distributed  between the two atoms becuase one attracts more the other (being more electronegative)
  • FONClBrICH - is a good made up word to remember the electronegativities with F being the most electronegative and H being the least electronegative.

Intermolecular forces:

  • Weak between forces
  • short range
  • Permenant dipole-dipole forces : occur between molecules with permenant dipoles so the slightly possitive side of one will attract the slightly negative of another this is through electrostatic attractions
  • Instantaneous dipole-induced dipole forces / Van der waals forces occur between all atoms and molecules but they're only really significant if they have…


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