electromagnetic waves

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  • radio waves 
  • microwaves
  • infrared
  • visible light
  • ultraviolet
  • x-rays
  • gamma rays

all electromagnetic waves are transverse waves

all the different types of wave travel at the same speed in a vaccum (3x108m/s)

em waves with higher frequency (x-rays and gamma rays) have shorter wavelengths


was discovered by Herschel in 1800

up until the discovery of infrared radiation, visible light was the only part of the EM spectrum that scientists knew existed. Herschel found infrared when experimenting with sunlight and a prism:

  • when white light goes through a prism, it creates a spectrum of colours. Herschel used this equipment to create a spectrum on a screen
  • he wanted to know about the amount of heat in each of these…


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