Electromagnetic Spectrum - Uses and Dangers

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Uses for the Electromagnetic Spectrum


Radio Waves


There are 4 types of radio waves: ultra-high frequency, very high frequency, medium wave and long wave. Ultra-high frequency waves are used for police transmissions and TV broadcasting. Medium waves are about 100m long and are used for radio stations such as BBC Radio 5 and others on the AM scale.




Microwaves can be used to cook food, in a microwave oven. As they don’t need a large antenna to produce them, microwaves are also used for mobile phones. Many masts are needed to make a mobile phone network attractive to customers. The basic forms of radar use microwaves to detect any obstructions to the waves; this is how they detect planes, for example.




Infra-Red waves can be used to help us “see in the dark”. This works as every object gives off IR waves so can be seen easily using a special camera. Night sights on advanced weapons use this method. TV remotes also use IR waves to send their information, video recorders are the same.


Visible Light


The uses for this are obvious, we use light waves in order to see things. Lasers are also made of these waves so aiming systems on weapons use this type too as well


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