Electricity and the National Grid

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  • Electricity is distributed via the national grid.
  • The national grid is a system of power stations, step up transformers, step down transformers and power lines. 
  • The national grid takes electrical energy generated by power stations to where it's needed in homes and industry. 
  • It enables energy to be generated anywhere on the grid and then supplied to anywhere else on the grid. 
  • To transmit the huge amount of power needed, you either need a high voltage or a high current. 
  • The problem with a high current is that you lose a lot of energy through hear in the cables. 
  • It's much more efficient to increase the voltage rather than the current. 
  • To get the voltage up to 400, 00 volts to transmit power requires transformers as well as pylons with huge insulators - but it's still cheaper and more efficient. 
  • The transformers have to…





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