Electricity and environment

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More effects of generating electricity

Advantages and disadvantages

fossil fuels: Does not occupy large land areas but produces polluting gases and solid waste. Mining damages the environment

nuclear fuels: does not produce greenhouse gases but creates radioactive waste that must be stored safely.

hydroelectricity: is renewable but causes large scale flooding and produces greenhouse gases.

Biomass: is renewable and reduces need for landgill sites. Produces greenhouse gases.

wind power: is renewable and does not produce polluting gases. Can affect wildlife and must be sited in windy areas. 

tidal power: renewable and does not produce polluting gases. causes large sae flooding and changes water flow.

geotheraml: renewable but can release toxic gases from below the Earth's surface.

solar: Renewable and does not produce polluting gases. Large scale use involves large land areas and can affect wildlife.

Hydroelectricity can cause more golbal warming than fossil fuel power stations as vegetation rots at the bottom of the reservoir at its edges…


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