Electric current P5

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(notes taken from the CGP revision guides)

  • Electric current is a flow of charge round a circuit.
  • In an electrical circuit the components and wires are full of charges that can move.
  • Circuit wires are usually metal with a plastic cover. Electric charge flows in a metal conductor because there are lots of electrons that are free to move around. Current can't flow in an insulator because the electrons are fixed.
  • In a complete circuit, that battery pushes charge through the wires. The charge flows all the way round the circuit and back to the battery - it's not used up and doesn't disappear.
  • Current depends on voltage and resistance.
  • Current will only flow through a component if there's a voltage across that component.
  • Voltage is the driving force that pushes the crrent round. Its units are volts, V.
  • Resistance is anything in the…


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