Electric Counterpoint (Third Movement) by Steve Reich

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  • Composed in 1987 by Steve Reich.
  • Steve Reich (Born October 3rd 1936) is an American composer.
  • Other minimalist composers include Philip Green and John Adams
  • The piece is in three movements
    • fast - slow - fast pattern

Features of Minimalism:

  • Repetition of simple ideas
    • Small changes introduced gradually overtime.
  • Melodies slowly built up through the process of note addition
  • Layered textures
  • Diatonic harmony
  • Slow harmonic rhythm
  • Little variet in instrumentation


  • Live guitar
    • Accompanied by parts for seven guitars and two bass guitars 
      • The seven guitars and bass guitar is pre-recorded
    • Live guitar is amplified to blend in well with the backing tape


  • Builds in three layers
    • A syncopated quaver motif is introduced in the live guitar and top four guitar parts, one part at a time
    • A new syncopated quaver motif is next introduced in the bass guitars
    • A more sustained motif, built around three chords, begins in the live guitar part and is then transferred to other parts.
  • After these layers have built up, layers 2 and 3 fade out together, leaving layer 1 to continue until it comes to rest on a held chord.

Melody and Texture

  • Made…


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