Electric counterpoint revision notes

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  • Created on: 20-06-15 21:47

Electric Counterpoint


·         Lots of repetition of ideas throughout the piece – based off of repetition

·         Higher register of the guitar is used

·         Based on a motif – which is introduced by guitar 1

·         Very angular with lots of leaps- disjunct

·         Use of rhythmic augmentation

·         Is rhythmically displaced creating a resultant melody – played by live guitar

·         Gradual changes of melody throughout

·         Note addition used to introduce parts

·         No clear phrasing due to the mix of layers

·         Diatonic?


·         Pulsing effect of the chords created by crescendo and diminuendos

·         Use of fading in and out throughout- live guitar fades out before returning with the resultant melody

·         Dynamic markings range from p-f

·         Some sudden changes and used to bring in and out parts – showcase parts

Tempo: 192= crochet – very fast – constant throughout


·         Rhythmic displacement

·         Cross rhythm between guitar and bass parts



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