Egyptian Medicine

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  • The Egyptian civilisation was an agricultural one that spread in a narrow band along the River Nile. Every year the Nile floods fertilised the fields and the river provided water for irrigation. 
  •  Successful agriculture provided spare food so more people were doctors, priests and other professionals. 
  • More trade and communication – ships imported new herbs and plants, which were used as medicines
  • The Egyptians had writing – ideas could be recorded and communicated better than previously. 


  • The River Nile led some to suggest that, like the Nile and irrigation systems, the body was full of channels. 
  • They thought that you became ill if the channels of your body were blocked. 
  • They used purging, vomiting and blood-letting to unblock the channels when someone became unwell. 
  • These ideas weren’t accepted by all and those who believed them did not abandon spiritual treatments. 
  • The Egyptians also knew diet


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