Egyptian medicine

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The Egyptions

The egyptians were one of the first advanced civilizations. They had developed a form of writing (hyreioglyphics) which allowed them to write down ideas that they had developed and this saw the advancement of medicine, as people from different parts of Egypt were able to advance on others ideas.

The people of Egypt kept clean, as they thought that this qould please God. Priests also regularly shaved their head as this meant that they were cleaner and thus this prevented the spread of disease through lice, (but they didn'y know this!)

They also wore malachite (ceremonial eye makeup) to please the Gods, however, this had anti insect repelling properties and preventing them gettin bitten and thus prevented the spread of disease.

The Egyptians also had the Nile, which they thought was a majour thing! This allowed them to trade and so meant that they had an economy and thus they…


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