Effects of Video Games on Young People.

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Increased Physiological Arousal.

Playing leads to increased physiological arousal, for example, heart rate and blood pressure.

Music is an important factor.

Tafalla (2007) examined the effect of music on Doom. Ps showed increased arousal with music.

Reduced Helping Behaviours.

Sheese and Graziano (2005) studied the relationship between violent games and helpful behaviour. 48 Ps played either violent or non-violent versions of Doom in pairs.

They were given three options, co-operate, exploit each other, or withdraw.

Ps in the violent condition were more likely to exploit their partner.

Increased Aggressive Behaviour, Cognitions, and Feelings.

Sherry found the relationship between games and aggression is weaker than TV and aggression.

Unsworth et al (2007) measured aggression before, during and after playing Quake 2. Feelings did not change in most players. Only Players aggressive before playing were aggressive after.


Cagney, Anderson, Bushman.

Aim: Assess if gaming leads to desensitisation to real life violence.


*Ps asked about playing habits.

*2 conditions. Violent or non-violent game is played for 20 minutes.

*Watch real life violence on film.

*Heart rate and Galvanic skin response measured.


Those in violent condition showed less physiological arousal.





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