Effects of the 1832 Reform Act

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Effects of the 1832 Reform Act

Changes to the franchise

  • Counties - owning freehold property worth at least 40 shillings a year
  • owning a copyhold on land worth at least £10 a year
  • leasing land worth £50 a year - these were Chandos Clause voters. They were tenants at will and who were more likely to vote the same way as their Tory landlords as they could have their tenancy ended at any time
  • Boroughs - owning property worth £10 a year
  • voters from before 1832 - these would gradually die out

Changes to the distribution of seats (disenfranchisement and redistribution)

  • 56 Rotten boroughs returning 111 MPs lost their representation 
  • 30 boroughs with fewer than 4000 inhabitants lost their MP
  • 65 seats given to the counties
  • 44 seats to the boroughs, including Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Sheffield
  • Scotland given 8 more MPs 
  • Ireland given 5 more MPs

The fact that small towns received MPs as well as big ones like Manchester showed that there was continuity between the old and the new system


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