Effects Of Smoking As Biology OCR Unit 2

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Cigarette Smoke Contains
Carbon monoxide

Harm from Tar
Settles onto the lining of the airway & alveoli

Short Term Effects
increases diffusion distance
allergic reaction - smooth muscles in airways contract - lumen gets smaller & restricts air flow
Paralyses or destroys cilia - unable to move mucus back up to the mouth
Stimulated goblet cells and mucus-secreting glands to enlarge and release more mucus - mucus collects in the airway
Bacteria and Viruses trapped in the mucus don't get removed - multiply in the mucus and a combination of mucus and bacteria block the bronchioles
Lungs more susceptiable to infection

Long term Effects
Smokers cough - the attempt to shift bacteria laden mucus that collects in the lungs
Lining of airways and alveoli become damaged and rplaced by thicker less flexiab;e scar tissue - recuse…


Bethany Cunningham


Great detail, really helpful! It would be better with all of the elements of a cigarette and their effects.

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