Effects of lifestyle

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Effects of lifestyles choices:



-          Low salt diet: help kidneys function better, prevents high cholesterol.

-          Excess of bad fats:  Too much can cause obesity (problems with joints, strains the heart, blocks arteries – increases blood pressure, increased risk of heart attack/stroke, gall stones, sleep apnoea). Especially saturated animal fats.

-          Too much sugar: can cause diabetes, tooth decay.

-          Organic food: with no pesticides reduce cancer risk; contain a lot of vitamins and minerals.

-          Diet without vitamins weaken immune system and affect fertility. Can cause mood swings.

-          Too much protein can lead to bladder and kidney stones.

-          Too little water causes dehydrationpoor brain function and lowers kidney function.

-          Low fibre: constipation, cancers.

-          Good fats:  fat soluble minerals: A+D. They are unsaturated fats:


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