Effect of temperature change on position of equilibrium

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  • Endothermic rxn absorbs heat from the surroundings.
  • Exothermic rxn releases heat to the surroundings.

!!! If exothermic in the forward direction, then its exothermic is in the backward direction.

Le Chatelier's Principle : Increasing the temp shifts the equilirbium in the endothermic direction so the heat is absorbed & temp is reduced. Decreasing the temp shifts the equilibrium in the exothermic direction which releases heat to the surroundings.

Examples :

1.              2NO2 (g) <---> N2O4 (g)            Enthalpy change of rxn, H = - 24kJmol-1

Forward direction is exothermic ; Backward direction is endothermic.

When temp of equilibrium mixture is raised…


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