Edward IVs death - Richard III

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Edward IV left 2 conflicting wills.

1) 1475 - before he left to fight the french. Ordered a regency cousel Elizabeth woodville in charge.

2) 1483 - Richard as lord protector until Edward the fifth comes of age. Different political situation by this point. It sidelines the woodvilles.

Factional division created at the heart of governement.

Edward the fourth had ruled through popularity and personal charism so no system had been left behind. This caused confusion. This meant the dispute caused near anarchy.

Edward the fifth had been raised at Ludlow castle by earl rivers who was a WOODVILLE.

Was Edward the fifth more a woodville than a yorkist?

Woodvilles had the advantage because -

- they had both princes - brought up by them so likely to favour them.

- held key strategic castles and cities.

- many woodvilles were powerful nobles.

- they controlled the army that Edward the fourth had raised to fight a war with France.

Both the woodvilles and Richard needed the king to retain status.

Lord Hastings warned Richard about Edward the fourths death.

Hastings despised woodvilles and was loyal to Edward the fifth.

First stage of Richards usurpation...

1) Richard…




I don't think Richard III can be accused of murdering Clarence.  he was a very loyal member of the House of York and tried to stay away from the politics of the Court.

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