Edward IV's consolidation of Power

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Edward IV's condsolidation of power

Dealing with threats

-Several families remaied loyal to Henry VI such as the de Veres and the Tudors, and the loyaltly of leading noble families was still questionable eg. the Percy family in Northumberland. With the unpopular Woodville marriage even the loyalty of the royal family was not certain eg the Duke of Clarence.

- Henry VI was killed in May 1471, meaning there would be no repeat of him taking the throne from Edward.

- Margret of Anjou was allowed to return to a French nunery on payment of ransom, which meant she was unable to cause anymore trouble.

- Jasper Tudor and his nephew, Henry Tudor were deprived of titles and estates and fled abroad.

- The Neville heirs, Isobel and Anne, were married to the king's brothers, Clarence and Gloucester.

- Atfer further plots Clarence was attained and executed in 1478

-In the North Richard of Gloucester was given considerable lands and influence and kept the Percy and Stanley families under control. However in hindsight this may not have been very effective.

-Key trusted nobles were given control over other regions. However this may have caused them to become over-mighty. 

- Edward used his power to aqcuire lands and estates of leading magnates eg he married his younger son Richard to the 4 year old heiress of the Duke of Norfolk.


Edward IV was successful in dealing with threats as there were no serious attempts to remove him from the throne after 1471. However not all Lancastrian threats were removed, as some nobles such as Clanrence continued to plot, and John de Vere of Oxford seized St Micheals mount in Cornwall in 1473. Edwards use of marriage and power over wardships to advance his own and the Woodville family caused deep resentment. But generally the authority of the crown was restored, therefore the way Edward IV dealt with threats was mostly


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