Educational Achievment and Gender Differences

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1. The impact of Feminism

Since the 1960's the feminism movement has challenged traditional female stereotypes of women's roles in a patriarchal (ruled by males) society.

Feminists believe that society still is not fully equal, however there has been an improvement in women's rights and oppurtunities, in the law.

McRobbie(1994)- Girls' magazines from the 1970's emphasise the importance of not getting married and not being ''left on the shelf'', Yet today, in magazines, there is images of assertive, independent women. This impacts girls self image, and changes their ambitions, this means improvements in educational achievement.

2. Changes in the Family

Rise in Divorce rate, Cohabitation, smaller famillies and the number of Lone-parent famillies (especially female headed). These are affecting girls attitudes towards achievement.

Lone-Parent Famillies, means more Female breadwinner roles, more


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