Educational policy

  • Educational policies before 1988
    • Tripartite system (introduced 1944)
      • Aptitude test (11+)
      • placed in one of three schools - secondary modern, secondary technical or grammar
      • tripartite system reproduced inequality as grammar was mostly attended by middle class who were given more opportunities in life due to their education 
    • Comprehensive system (introduced 1965)
      • attempted to overcome the tripartite system's inequalities
      • comprehensives were for children of all ability in the local area
      • many areas did not introduce comprehensive schools and the class divide continued
  • Marketisation
    • Parentocracy
      • increased parental choice surrounding education
      • more public information about schools informs parents of the school's achievement and allows them to choose the best school for their child
    • League tables 
      • exam results are published, and all state schools in the area are ranked based on this achievement 
    • Bartlett - cream-skimming and silt-shifting
      • good schools carefully select pupils that will be an asset to them and will achieve highly, improving their results in the league table
      • good schools avoid taking underachieving or poor students as this may…


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