Education - Functionalism (theorists)

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Functionalism is a consensus theory which sees society as being essenially harmonious. They say that society has basic needs, including the need for social order- this is done through everyone sharing the same norms and values, otherwise known as social solidarity. They also argue that the social institutions such as education perform positive functions for both society and the individual, by socialising new members of society and helping create and sustain social solidarty. 

Functionalism is a conservative view of society.

Durkheim - Durkheim identifies two main functions of the education system; creating social solidarity and teaching specialist skills. He says that the school is society in a miniature. It is in the school where the childs learns to interacct with others and learns to follw a set of rules. This experience prepares the child for interacting with members of society as an adul and accepting social rules.

Criticisms of Durkheim - 

  • Marxists argue that educational institutions tend to transmit a dominant…


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