Education for the Rich

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Grammar Schools

  • These were days schools (no boarders)
  • Fees were paid (poor could not attend)
  • The classics were taught (Latin & Greek)
  • Started in towns during the Middle Ages
  • The number of Grammar Schools rose in 1800s

Public Schools

  • These were Boarding Schools (Eton, Rugby & Shrewsbury are 3 examples)
  • They were for the sons of very rich families
  • Fees for Public school were very expensive
  • The classics were taught (Latin & Greek)
  • In the early 1800s there was no arithmetic & very little writing
  • Subjects like Maths, History, Geography & Art were NOT taught
  • The education was not very good
  • Life at the Public school could be vicious, violent & harsh (fighting, bullying & rioting!)
  • Teachers kept control by beating pupils

Samuel Butler

  • He was the headmaster of Shrewsbury Public School from 1798-1836
  • First to teach more subjects - i.e. maths & history
  • He began the prefect system
  • He taught pupils to respect learning & use their time intelligently


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