Education Topic two - Functions of the education system


What are the functions of the education system in England and Wales?

Education should:

  • Provide opportunities for children

  • Sort children in terms of their ability to learn and provide the correct type of educational opportunities

  • Prepare children for adult life, mostly work, known as vocationalism

  • Help children become active participants in society and live healthy and productive lives as citizens of their country

Socialisation and education

  • Emile Durkheim claimed the education system was an important agency of secondary socialisation

  • Its primary role was to ensure social stability and social cohesion so that society could be well-ordered with different people filing appropriate to ensure society survived

  • For functionalists, education bridged the gap for children between the close personal relationships of family life and was their first introduction to universal relationships of adulthood

  • Children would be introduced to the shared cultures of their society and thus would learn their place in the social world

  • Marxists see the socialisation as part as brainwashing children into accepting inequality

  • The national curriculum is a basic outline of what you need to know about you own culture

  • Much of the education that


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