Educating Essex case study

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Educating essex.

  • Fly on the wall documentary.
  • Created a narrative out of the clips; selection of footage to form a specific story.
  • Shown on channel 4- channel based around differences in society, channel made to show all aspects of society.
  • See each character, and relate to them; personally identify or know someone like them.
  • Superficially edited to make it look like stereotypes appear even though they may not actually be like that in real life.
  • Praised for insight into the life of teenagers.
  • Criticised for the swearing by the teachers and students.
  • Episode focused on teenage pregnancy had complaints from parents as it set a bad example.
  • Bullying in school was also seen as a problem.
  • Won Grierson best documentary 2012- prestigous prize for the work that took place on filming the documentary.
  • Spin off- Educating Yorkshire and Educating Cardiff. Spin offs are a good thing as it shows they are popular format and show that people enjoy.
  • Headteacher was called Mr Drew, he had a personal spin off called Mr Drews school for boys, which featured boys…


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