Edexcel Physics- P3- Medical Physics

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Methods that medical physicists employ to help doctors solve medical problems:

  • CAT scans- computerised axial tomography- an X-ray machine that is capable of producing 3D images of a patient's insides.
    The patient lies on a table that can move in and out of a ring that has a rotating X-ray tube and fixed detectors. X-rays are passed through the patient and reach the detectors on the opposite side of the tube. The computer records thousands of images through the patient in order to create a 3D one.
    X-rays are ionising so healthy cells are damaged suring a CAT scan. Shorter periods of exposure minimises the risks.
    CAT scans can reveal the structure of soft tissue, unlike 2D X-ray images.
    They are used to diagnose tumours, blood clots and Alzheimer's disease. 
  • Fluoroscopes- Technique used to capture real-time moving images of of the internal structures of a patient. 
    Used to diagnose problems associated with the stomach and intestines.
    Uses a fluoroscope- consisting of an X-ray source, detector and monitor.
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