Edexcel New Specification Core Physic (Topic 6)

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Electrical energy is whenever there is a current flowing. 

Light Energy is from the Sun, a light bulb

Sound energy is anything that make a noise e.g. loudspeakers. 

Kinetic Energy is anything that is moving

Nuclear Energy is the energy that is released during a nuclear reaction

Thermal Energy flows from a object with a high temperature to a cooler one. 

Gravitational Potential is anything that can fall

Elastic Potential is like things being stretched such as springs, elastic, rubber bands. 

Chemical energy is things like food, fuels or batteries. 

Potential and Chemical energy are types of stored energy because the energy is not doing anything, it waiting for something to occur. 

Energy can not be created or destroyed. It can only be transferred from one form to another. 

Appliances usually waste energy as sound and heat. Efficiency is a measure of how good a device is at changing one form of energy to another. The more efficient a device is the less energy. 

Energy efficient is not just…


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