Edexcel B3 Making Yoghurt and Soy Sauce(detailed)

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Making Yoghurt

  • Make sure environment and equipment is sterile, this will stop contamination
  • Milk is heated to kill bacteria
  • Milk is stirred to ensure all the ingredients are mixed together
  • Milk protein is added
  • Lactobacillus bacteria is added whilst the milk is still warm
  • Lactobacillus bacteria ferment the sugar lactose to lactic acid
  • PH of milk is lowered to a such a point that the milk proteins coagulate forming a semi solid milk- this is raw yoghurt
  • Flavours can be added

Making Soy Sauce

  • Soy beans are cooked which kills bacteria…


Bradley Downes


Thankyou, this was much more helpful than a similar post of the same topic, this goes into much more detail which is what you really need in B3. Again Thankyou



No problem, glad to help :)

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