eden rock

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eden rock

In the poem, eden rock by Charles Causely, the speaker, who is a poet himself, is shown imagining about his childhood memories, and talking about the moments he enjoyed when he was on a picnic with his family. Through the poem, the poet has not only gives a detailed account of his father/mother, but also makes us familiar with the moral of the poem which reads as: ‘leaving your parents is hard.’The poet makes the poem so realistic with his smart and sensible use of poetic devises that it looks as if everything is happening right in front of us.

form structure and language

first 4 verses are all 4 lines long, written in quatrains. consistency could reflect stable relationship bewtween causley and his parents. the last verse however breaks this, isolating the final line which mirrors causleys seperation from his parents following their death. each stanza ends with a full stop for a defenite conslusion. most lines have 10 syllables per line, the steady stucture represents the steady nature of relationship.

feelings and attitutes


poet is imagining


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