Conservative Government: Eden 1955 - 1957

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Churchill, former PM, stepped down and Antony Eden who had been shadowing Churchill for nearly ten years.


  • Secretary of War (1940)
  • Foreign secretary (1940-1945, 1951- 1955)
  • Deep distaste for Nasser - this leads to the Suez Affair


  • Tetchy and short tempered
  • Opinionated in international policy (was against the appeasement policy of Hitler in 1938/1939)
  • Weakness: domestic policy
  • Perceived strength: foreign policy

1955 Election (called by Eden to validate him)

Reason for election success

  • Support of the press
  • The Budget of 1955 - a 'give away'/'bribery' of the electorate?
  • Improved living standards
  • Divisions within the Labour party
  • Deliver of Conservative promises
  • The 'feel good' factor

Domestic policy ideas:

a) property ownership open to all b) industrial relations based on partnership

The ill-fated Suez Affair

The situation:

  • The Aswan Dam project in Egypt needed funding
  • Intially, the source of this fnding would be provided from the IMF, the USA and the UK
  • Nasser, the Egyptian leader, also approached Czechoslavakia for new arments
  • However, they were part of the Soviet Block (Cold War tension)
  • USA therefore withdrew their funding because of the association…


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