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All the organisms living in one easily defined area


The place where an organism lives


All the organisms belonging to the same species living in the same area at the same time. Males and females can interbreed. 


The role of a species in a community. The role refers to its position in a food chain and how it interacts with the environment and with other species. 


A self contained community together with all the physical features that influence the community, and the interactions between organisms and their environment. 


An organism that converts simple inorganic compounds into complex organic compounds. Most use light to provide the energy to drive the reactions involved. 


An organism that gains energy from complex organic matter. 


An organism that feeds on waste from other organisms, or on dead organisms

Food chain

Shows energy flow from one organism to another in a simple sequence

Food web

Shows energy flow through many species in an ecosystem

Trophic level 

Each feeding level in a food


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